Dealer Information

Here you can find information on being a dealer at the Austin Record Convention, including how to apply, Frequently Asked Questions, tips on accommodations and hotels, and maps and parking instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone sell stuff at the show?

Yes! The show is open to all types of sellers: stores, collectors, folks selling off an inherited collection, international shopppers - we've seen it all! We try to make the show as accessible as possible for music fans of all kinds.

What kind of items do well at the show?

Anything related to music will be a good fit, but the secret is to price your merchandise reasonably! The shoppers are there to spend money on music.

When do I have to be at the show? What are the busiest hours?

Dealers must attend the convention from 8am on Friday until 5pm, and then arrive at the show at 8am Saturday and Sunday. Remember that Early shoppers are admitted at the same time as dealers, so you'll need to have someone at your table the whole show. Also, it's worth noting that dealers must stay until 5:00pm Sunday - customers start looking for deals around 3:00pm and all the way until the show ends!

Can I share a table with someone else?

Yes you can. If you want to buy a table to split between you and a friend that is fine with us - but there needs to be a single person whose name the tables are in, and whom we can rely on for payment. If you can't find someone to share a table with, let us know and we'll try to pair you up with another dealer who is interested in splitting a table. Just leave a note in the comment field of your application.

Are there cash ATM machines in the building?

Yes, there is one ATM machine available in the lobby.


Where to stay

As Austin has grown, the number of hotels and options for visitors has also increased. Many of the nice hotels close to the Austin Record Convention are very cool, but a little pricey since they are in the center of town. The hotels farther north or south along IH-35 will be more affordable. You might also try Air BnB or other vacation rental options, as there might be good choices there.

Sometimes, we are able to secure a block of rooms at a discounted rate for our dealers - if so you'll find that information posted here.

Parking and Load-in


Load-in takes place Friday morning starting at 8:00am. Dealers can drive their vehicles right into the service yard of Palmer Events Center and show their dealer information packet or wristbands to get into the gated area. If you've already paid for your tables, you can flash the Record Show staff your wristbands, and head inside. All dealers without wristbands must check-in at the show entrance table before setting up.

Once inside, dealers can park and wait for the loading dock to open at 8:00am and borrow a cart to move merchandise from their vehicle to their table. Carts are used on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have your own cart, you are welcome to bring it!

Parking for dealers

After load-in, dealers are welcome to leave their vehicles in the service yard free of charge. These spaces are also available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Also, if there are other events happening at the Palmer Events Center, the number of service yard parking spaces available for our use will be constrained.

Overnight parking in the service yard is allowed, provided you fill out a waiver from the event center and turn it into the security office. Let us know if you need a waiver after you get to the show, and we will give you one.


After 5:00pm on Sunday, dealers can begin packing up their wares and loading them on carts to move to their cars. Carts are first-come, first-serve. We cannot permit carts to be in use while the general public are still shopping, which is one reason why load-out can't begin until the show closes at 5:00pm.

Show Rules

All dealers must agree to and abide by the rules

You are required to read and agree to the show rules in order to be a dealer at the Austin Record Convention.

Read the Rules