Dealer Information

For those wishing to be a dealer at the Summer 2017 Record Show (May 5,6,7).

Dealer space is $175 for each 8 foot table for the 3 day event. Other show details will be included in your Dealer Application. To take part in the next show as a dealer fill out the form at the bottom of this page, or contact us at and ask for the dealer information package. You will then receive a Dealer Application letter in the mail between 2 to 3 months before the show. Please do not worry, we will not share your personal information, including email addresses, with anyone.

Dealer Load-in

On the Friday before the weekend of the show (May 5, 2017), Dealers should arrive around 9:00am with their dealer information package that they received in the mail. They will admitted into the courtyard area of the Palmer Events Center where they will be directed to the loading docks. Dealers are allowed to park in the courtyard, space permitted.

Above is a map of the Parking layout for the Palmer Events Center. You can see the Public Parking entrances for the Palmer Parking Garage from the Riverside and Barton Springs entrances. (# 3 and # 5 ) The cost to park in the garage is $8 per day with 3 in’s & out’s each day. If it is full or you need the exercise or want to save your loot for records, you can park across the street in the One Texas Center garage ( #6 ) at no charge on Saturday and Sunday and walk over. Although on weekdays there is a charge to park there.

Hotels for dealers:

A word about our hotels: the ones located nearest to the Palmer Event Center are the most expensive ones since they are in the downtown area. The more reasonably priced motels are both North and South along IH 35, the freeway that runs thru Austin. If you have any problems finding a motel room let us know via Email or telephone.

New Garage Sale Special

2 or more vendors can share a table and split the cost. This helps when a single Dealer does not have enough merchandise for a whole table.

If any single vendor cannot find another vendor to share his table with, we can play matchmaker and find other Dealers to split table space. Just let us know on your Dealer forms and we'll line up some likely vendors for you.

Request a Dealer Information package

If you'd like to apply to be a dealer at the Austin Record Convention, you can fill out the form below. When show registration opens, you will receive an email or a mailed copy of the dealer information / application package. Note that filling out this form does not guarantee you a table at the show, it just means you'll get a chance to apply.